F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Why should I join Tempe Service Corps?

A. There are many reasons for participating:

- To have opportunities to participate in local service projects and service activities

- To receive information about local service opportunities

- To have an opportunity to receive service

- To help decide what Tempe Service Corps is and what it does

- To make improvements in the neighborhood

- To meet new people and have fun

- To foster community cohesion

Q. If I want to join Tempe Service Corps, what does that entail?

A. Just use the Create New Account form. Basically, you will be asked to provide a name and email address.

Q. Is creating a log-in account on this site the same thing as "joining Tempe Service Corps"

A. Yes

Q. What will happen if I create a log-in account on this site?

A. Right now, nothing will happen automatically. We are still in the beginning stages of organizing Tempe Service Corps. There currently is no additional content to see if you log in. We are working on setting up some new features and tools. Mainly, we want people to be able to specify exactly how they want to participate. Do they want to receive notifications about service opportunities with the projects we are working with? Do they want to be invited to participate? How often? Are they interested in specific types of service, or all types? Do they want to sign up to receive service assignments? If so, how often? Once per year? Twice per year? Every month? Weekly?

Q. How long do service activities last?

A. Most service opportunties last about one hour. Some last longer, such as 2 to 3 hours.

Q. Who created Tempe Service Corps?

A. Preston Hunter created this website. I am talking to a number of people now who are interested in moving this idea to the next level. I hope that different people will be considered the co-founders of Tempe Service Corps. Including maybe YOU.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. The best way to contact me is to email me at:


Or you may send a text message to me at:


Or use this form.

Q. I have some ideas. Can I talk with you or meet with you in person?

A. Yes. I would be happy to talk with you one-on-one via email, chat, phone, Zoom, etc. Also, a small number of people are beginning to meet on a regular basis to plan how to move our plans forward. We can invite you to those meetings.

Q. When was Tempe Service Corps founded?

A. Tempe Service Corps has not been officially chartered. The domain name was registered on 22 September 2016. At this point, that is the closest thing to an official "foundation date."

Q. Who created the artwork shown on the home page and in the image gallery?

A. I commissioned various artists from around the world, hiring them through Upwork. I own the copyright to the images, so these can be used however we want. One of the intended uses was to use these to make T-shirts, which we have done to a limited extent. We also use the images in mailings. The links shown in the image gallery are the names of the artists.

Q. Does it cost anything to join Tempe Service Corps?

A. No.

Q. Can I get paid for joining Tempe Service Corps?

A. Currently this is a volunteer-only organization.

Q. Can I use the artwork in the image gallery?

A. Probably. Please just ask for permission first. The artwork is not in the "public domain," but I doubt I would deny a request to use it.

Q. What are the main purposes of Tempe Service Corps?

A. To provide service, to provide opportunities for people to serve, to provide an opportunity for people to meet neighbors and make new friends, to have fun.

People come together from different ideologies, different ages and generations, different ethnicities, different political affiliations (or none at all), different religious affiliations (or no affiliation at all), different occupations, etc. Just having an opportunity to work together like that is a good thing in and of itself. That is a benefit that can't be achieved if a service activity is only with other people from my dental office, or only with fellow members of my soccer team.

Q. What are some of the services activities that volunteers may participate in?

A. Below are some of the service activities that our volunteers have already participated in or which we are considering:

picking fruit from fruit trees

making improvements in a local park

staffing Red Cross blood drive

donating blood

animal welfare


picking up trash (policing grounds), including at parks, schools, churches, etc.

community beautification

painting the exterior of homes/community centers/business buildings

painting interior walls

setting up chairs for events

preparing food for events, such as funerals, charity events

serving food at events

working as ushers or servers at events

taking meals to people with pressing short-term needs: such as people who are sick, women who have newborn babies

helping people move

teaching English language classes

helping with addiction recovery programs

supporting people lose weight/exercise

going on walks with people

cleaning interiors of community centers, churches, etc. (vacuuming, cleaning glass, cleaning bathrooms)

neighborhood support - simply attending an event such as a neighborhood meeting, recital, hearing, city council meeting, etc.